If you are just starting out, in paid surfing, you can start with simple ways to make ends meet.

Whatever your situation (student, worker, unemployed, retired, looking for a complementary income…), whatever your age… You will always find an activity allowing you to be paid and make money.

Cashback : Cashback is not necessarily known by everyone but should be more. It is a very simple way to earn money regularly without changing your habits. All Internet users have already bought products on the Internet. Did you know that it is possible to get a commission on each purchase you make on the internet? Indeed, thanks to this technique, each time you buy on one of the partner sites of the cashback site, you have a commission which can go until 10 %! Find the best cashback sites

Paid reviews : Did you know that it is possible to be paid for giving your review? Indeed, many sites offer this solution to make an additional income every month. Once you are registered, you are offered to answer surveys and polls, and in exchange, you are given money. With this technique, you can earn a few euros for each survey you participate in… Find the best sites of paid surveys

Free online games : You can win by playing small games

Gambling: It is more risky but the gains are much more important. France now allows online betting and online poker. You bet and are paid according to your results.

Lotteries on the internet: It’s a gamble, but it’s always a chance to win more!

Setting up a business: If you want to increase your earnings, you’ll have to put your hand to the wheel and invest a little more. It’s a way to increase your income but it’s also an investment of time. For those who really put themselves into it, you will be able to earn a living.

Sports betting: Thanks to the opening of online betting, you can now bet and win directly on the internet. Indeed, since 2010, the regulation has opened in France to offer paid bets.

Create a website : You can also create a website. Thanks to sponsorship, you can be paid according to the number of referrals you recruit on different sites.

Earn money by working: Some sites actually offer to pay you in exchange for a job you can do on the internet.

Play bingo online: No need to go to casinos or game rooms, you can now play bingo online and earn money

Save Money: What if the best way to save money is to not spend too much money and save money? Think about it, it’s free…

By selling on the internet : Earning by selling on the internet is also a very good plan now. You simply sell all the stuff you don’t need anymore on sites like  ebay…

With crypto-currencies: Indeed, for a few years now, speculating on crypto-currencies has allowed to generate important incomes. But like the stock market, it remains very risky… Some people have become multi-millionaires by buying bitcoins… It can be a good investment for the long term but like everything, you should not put all your savings in the same basket and therefore think of diversifying.

Test products for free and make big savings

Make money by creating a blog, or how to share your passion and generate income.

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